Makeup by UniverSoul Trini Dancer Crystal La Caille

Hello everyone!

I’ve been so excited for this month to come because I knew the UniverSoul Circus was coming to town. UniverSoul Circus is a circus that I hold dear to my heart because the entire cast reflects my ethnicity and it’s an all-around good time. I decided it would be a great idea to collaborate with UniverSoul to explore circus makeup as it is a huge part of the performer’s routine and the spirit of the event. So I met up with Crystal La Caille, a UniverSoul dancer from Trinidad and Tobago this week and got a complimentary makeup session as we talked about how she incorporated makeup into her costume, her favorite makeup products and tips and how following her passion brought her into this business.

To begin with, Crystal started with my eyes and shared with me that order is important.

“I always start with my eyebrows. That’s the first thing I do. Then I do my eyeshadow, I put on my foundation, contour and then apply the lipstick.”


While routine is important, Crystal also shared that there are certain products that she loves so much it makes up most of her inventory.

“There’s a brand from Trinidad called Sacha. So I use most of her products. My powder, my foundation, my contour, and my eyeshadow.. All those things come from Sacha.”

Another favorite that she shared with me was her love of NYX products.  “Their pigments?!” she exclaimed, “I love them!” 


Curious, I asked her how she began doing makeup for others and quickly learned that it started simply as a passion.


"I really liked makeup and I wanted to do a course for a long time. And a lot of my friends like my makeup so they asked me to do theirs and that's how it started."

As she began to add foundation to my face, I asked her how she got her start in the circus and found out that it all started from her love of dancing. Dancing was something she began doing around the age of 9.

"I love to dance. So I am privileged to be dancing and getting paid to dance. I was twenty when I started dancing in the circus. UniverSoul came to Trinidad and had auditions and I thought, “why not?”.

As Crystal moved on to applying my lipcolor, I realized how much dance and makeup provided a vessel for her to express her confidence and personality. "Last question", I said, "What are three words to describe how you feel on stage?"

"Happy, excited and elated", she responded. "That’s my culture, so I’m just having a blast."