4 Tips For a Flawless Face + A Product Dupe!

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my blog - where I will share tips, product reviews and giveaways with all of you. Let's get right into my first blog about 4 great ways to achieve that flawless look that you are hoping for. Sometimes our brows may not be what we want them to be or our skin looks great in person but blotchy in pictures. These tips will help you to overcome those beauty blunders and be on your way to a flawless face.

1. Always Start With a Clean Face 

Makeup residue can stop our face from being smooth, clean and luminous. To avoid this always start with a cleanser. I recommend the Philosophy's 'Purity Made Simple'. It's very gentle and light and I absolutely love it! Remember to always follow-up with a moisturizer. L'oreal's 'Collegen Moisture Filler" is an amazing moisturizing product with sunscreen that fills pores and fine lines. Staying hydrated and eating healthy also does wonders because keeping our skin healthy on the outside starts from the inside. 

2. Use Two Color Concealers When Enhancing Brows

It's best to use a lighter color underneath when highlighting the brow bone and a darker shade that matches your skin tone over the brow. One color used all the way around the brow highlights the brow and we don't want that! Also ladies, if you are not doing a full face of makeup and just want to do a little mascara, eyeshadow and lipstick, just skip the concealer over the brow all together. This is best because without blending foundation on the top of the brow you will have an awkward ring around the eyes. I recommend L.A Girl's Pro Concealer because it is very inexpensive (..about $2.99!!) and very effective.

3. Start With A Clean Brush

A lot of my friends and clients have expressed to me that they don't clean their brushes routinely. It's best to start with a clean brush. Makeup leftover on a brush from the night before can greatly affect makeup application the day after. Also, it's very dangerous to use unclean brushes because they easily harbor germs that are harmful to us when reused on our skin. This causes acne and a lot of other skin issues. 

4. Warm Up Your Foundation and Don't Forget The Neckline

It's really a good idea to take your foundation out of the bottle and place it on the back of your hand to warm it up. It helps the makeup to melt into your skin and makes it a lot more blendable. So I want to encourage you to 'warm it up'. Also, if you want a flawless face, you need to apply the foundation down your chin and neck. You don't want there to be a sharp contrast between your face and neck.


..And Now a Dupe Review

I know you all have seen this really innovative brush by the Artis brand. Well, I've found a very amazing inexpensive dupe from Ebay and want to share it with you. I paid about $4 for the large brush and $2 for the small one. Now, I have not used the Artis brand but I can only imagine how flawlessly they apply makeup into your skin because these dupes are amazing!!! I've used them on several of my clients as well as myself and they really, really, work. If $300-$400 is completely out of your price range you should definitely try this dupe and see how you like it.

I hope you've enjoyed this blog and please feel free to leave suggestions on my page if there is a topic that you want to read about. If you would like to watch the video for this blog please go subscribe, like and watch here.



TeQuana Colvin